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Slot 4 hp smart array p410i controller initializing

Add New Physical Drive to Logical Volume To add the new drives to existing logical volume, do the following.
Two ways to execute the command.
View, controller Status To display the status of just the controller, do the following.
Blink Physical Disk LED To blink the LED on the physical drives for the logical drive 2, do the following.Erase Physical Drive Execute the following command to erase a physical drive in array B on slot.Enable or Disable Cache The below commands enable or disable cache for the entire slot.The portable printer you can take anywhere.Rescan for New Devices If youve added new physical hard disk, they wont automatically show-up immediately.ctrl slot 0 ld 2 delete Warning: Deleting an array can cause other array letters to become renamed.View Individual Drive Status To display the detail status of a specific physical drive, do the following.ctrl slot 0 pd 2I:1:6 modify erase.ctrl slot 0 create typeld drives1I:1:3,1I:1: 4 raid1 The above command creates a logical drive with the two physical drives 1I:1:3 and 1I:1: 4 on raid 1 configuration in slot.I want to run this from a script, so a single (or set of) commands I can pipe to a file is what I'm looking for.In this example, the controller is working perfectly without any issues.Exe) to get physical disk information into a file?Create New raid 0 Logical Drive Execute the following command to create a new logical drive using raid 0 option.Good, Failed, Failure predicted, Rebuilding, missing etc.
View Drive Status To display the status of the physical drive, do the following.
Not B,C Warning: Deleting the specified device(s) will result in data being lost.

Add Spare Disks To add the spare disks to arrays that can be used in case of disk failures on one of the logical drives, do the following: ctrl slot 0 array all add spares2I:1:6,2I:1:7 In this example, we are adding two spare disks.# hpacucli rescan.To use hpacucli, download and install the latest version of hpacucli rpm from the.The specific disk is 2I:1:6, which we figured it out from the output of the previous command.HP website on your Linux server.ctrl all show status Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded) Controller Status: OK Cache Status:.I'm not at the machine right now, but basically I want to find out what the state of each of the physical disks in my server,.e.The first raid group raid 1 contains 2 physical drives and the remaining physical drives are not assigned to any of the logical drives.In juegos de dados para 2 this example, it shows that the raid 5 logical drive got created successfully.
Create New raid 5 Logical Drive Execute the following command to create a new logical drive using raid 5 option.

ctrl slot 0 modify dwcdisable ctrl slot 0 modify dwcenable.
After you create a logical drive, execute the following command to verify that the LD got created.
As shown in the output below, this displays the Serial Number, Make, Model, Size and Fireware version of this specific disk.