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This Middle Eastern firm also dealt with the Iraqi Ministry of Information and the MoT, and had extensive contacts with the Iraqi CA in the Iraqi Embassy to Jordan in Amman.
A second page detailed the Quantity of Oil Allocated and given.
SES International reportedly was the primary facilitator for the transshipment of weapons and munitions, as well as many other goods purchased outside of UN channels, through Syria to Iraq.Smart Sanctions In early July 2001, the US and the UK withdrew their joint-proposal to revamp the UN existing sanctions Regime, called Smart Sanctions, because of Russian, Chinese, and French opposition.Oil Export Surcharges In addition to income from the trade Protocols and the UN OFF program Iraq demanded a surcharge fee for each barrel of oil it exported under the UN OFF program because of the relatively large built-in profit margin allowed by the.Syrian traders were often paid under the auspices of the Syrian protocol, a government-to-government agreement, according to multiple cording to a captured letter dated written on the letterhead of a MIC front company, Al-Bashair, a former MIC Deputy Director stated that the North Korean Tosong.The IIS was also heavily involved in the operation of these companies by having IIS personnel in middle and upper management and in security operations.The purpose of altering the documents was clearly to describe the batteries dual use rather than military use, thereby making it easier to bring them into the country.RG and SRG Procurement Process.Iraq tolerated the refusal of some companies to pay the 10-cent per barrel surcharge until the end of the 8th phase (5 December 2000) in order to avoid their refusal to ship the oil and reduce Iraqs projected exports.
The second method was reserved for the military and security service entities such as the IIS, the MoD, MIC, and other security organizations that submitted requests for additional funds to the President.
During the meeting, President Lukashenko expressed his willingness to support Iraq and to send air defense experts to help Iraq fight the United States.

Disbursal orders sent to the MoF contained the date, signature of approving authority, amount, but no information about the request.However, the head of the MIC and Minister of Finance identified him best in slot list arms warrior as having been involved in the processing of requests for extra-budgetary payments to the military and security services.China also hoped that Iraq would strengthen its cooperation with the UN and improve relations with its neighbors.Desk officers had specific country responsibilities.Rather than shocking the Iraqi economy into performing, these measures, by 1989, deepened the economic crisis and accelerated the collapse of living standards for most Iraqis.Transportation Routes From North Korea to Iraq ISG has found evidence suggesting that North Korea planned to pass goods through Syria to Iraq.This company was used for shipping, operating primarily out of Basrah.Ultimately, North Korea backed away from these agreements, informing the Iraqis that they would study the issue.Beginning in the mid-1990s, Lloyds Register provided monitoring of goods arriving at Aqaba, but Jordan terminated the contract in 2000.These contracts were signed from January 1998 through March 2003 and were primarily for fuel oil and gas oil.It illustrates how the surcharge revenues were distributed among the associated somo bank accounts.According to an Iraqi customs inspector with direct access, the IIS, the SSO, and the MIC used the border checkpoint system as a method of obtaining prohibited goods.Protocols allowed Saddam to generate a large amount of revenue outside the purview of the.These budget meetings were conducted much like court proceedings, and the group made decisions on each proposed budget.Although other Iraqi ministries were required to work within their formal budgets, Al-Tai could request more money from the Presidential Diwan.This arrangement allowed oil smugglers a safe passage through Irans northern territorial waters, but smugglers remained subject to being interdicted by Iranian authorities farther south (see figure 68 ).
Saddam recognized the important role that France played on the international stage, and in particular in the unsc.
Bilateral Trade Protocols Iraqs bilateral trade Protocols with neighboring states provided Saddam with his largest source of illicit income during UN sanctions.

Unlike the relatively predictable relationships with China and Russia, the Iraqi-French relationship was more tumultuous.
After the requested equipment was delivered to Iraq, the MoD Directorate of Weapons and Supplies sent the Office of the Secretariat an official letter notifying that the equipment was available.
Tekfen, a Turkish oil company, was the only company to deposit money into the Ahli Bank.