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Circularly polarized u slot antenna

Added product features and improvements All Versions (Evaluation, Professional and Classroom) of Antenna Magus may now be installed through Remote Desktop.
Circular L-probe fed suspended plate antenna (SPA).
In some cases, error messages may have been calculadora para apuestas deportivas confusing due to incorrect rounding of values.
Magus-22677 When designing for frequency objective only, some antennas now display pre-calculated results rather than a full performance estimation.Magus-14412 Find Mode search has been improved.Version compatibility issues with backup files were resolved).An updated export model for the elliptical edge-fed circularly polarised patch is now available for CST Microwave Studio.THis has been fixed.Printed colinear dipole array.Transparency has been added to some of the antenna previews where this aids in visualising the structure.The Axis of a 3D preview were partially hidden at certain rotations.See the 'test set up' and the graph below.Magus-22315 Context menus for drop downs in toolbox no longer have 'add to quick access toolbar' enabled.Magus-22643 When loading a backup or state that includes a Prototype of the Normal-mode wire helix antenna saved in Antenna Magus Version.0.1, an error may have occurred This has been fixed.Magus-22036 Antenna Magus may have crashed when selecting a value compare design that has been deleted.Indicators have been added to the Find Mode view that show which antennas have static (pre-optimised, application-specific) design groups.This could have resulted in incorrect de-activation of the 'Modify' button.
Magus-22139 When Double-clicking on 3D Far-Field plots in Design Mode and Arrays, the perspective may not have switched correctly.

Magus-22328 Changing the value of a parameter during model preview generation may have caused a crash.Conical wire Helix antenna: The feko export models has been improved.An updated export model for the waveguide-fed conical horn is now available for feko.Magus-21518 Fixed the calculation of 2D pattern cuts for Ludwig-3 transformations (Co- and Cross-pol) for certain cases.Generating a CST model from an empty model in Custom templates caused errors when opening the model in CST 2019.8 indicate that the EM coupling between the main patch and parasitic element strongly affect the obtainable impedance bandwidth.When synthesising a large array (10000 elements or more) a warning is given that the pattern synthesis may be slow.Gregorian pattern-fed reflector antenna.Magus-23005 The bounding boxes for horn antennas has been adjusted to make comparison of the sizes of different horns easier.Therefore, with a slight variation in feeding position, the impedance variation of higher resonant frequency is acute, whereas that of lower resonant frequency is relatively stable.14) Princy M Paul,.Ray, A Novel Circularly Polarized Dual Band Dual Polarized Antenna Using Metasurface, 2015 ieee AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and ursi CNC/usnc Joint Meeting Vancouver, Canada, July.Magus-16818 Various models have been updated to improve compatibility with the most recent patch-versions of CST Studio Suite and feko.The Microwave Studio export model for the rectangular edge-fed patch no longer used Distributed Computing by default.Magus-16576 Favourites tab added to find mode.AMB-2820 Diagonal spacing - a Derived Quantity - was not calculated for triangular array layouts.

A new 'Compact' machine codes format has been introduced.